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Recent publications and data stemming from Animal Models Network-funded research and collaborations are listed below.

Kivimäki, M., Bartolomucci, A., & Kawachi, I. (2023). The multiple roles of life stress in metabolic disorders. Nature Reviews Endocrinology, 19, 10-27.

Albery, Gregory F., Clutton-Brock, T.H., Morris, A., Morris, S., Pemberton, J.M., Nussey, D.H., & Firth, J.A. (2022). Ageing red deer alter their spatial behaviour and become less social. Nature Ecology & Evolution.
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Testard, C., Brent, L.J., Andersson, J., Chiou, K.L., Negron-Del Valle, J.E., DeCasien, A.R., Acevedo-Ithier, A., Stock, M.K., Antón, S.C., Gonzalez, O., & Walker, C.S. (2022). Social connections predict brain structure in a multidimensional free-ranging primate society. Science Advances8(15), p.eabl5794.

Berendzen, K.M. and Manoli, D.S. (2022). Rethinking the Architecture of Attachment: New Insights into the Role for Oxytocin Signaling. Affective Science, 3(4), 734-748.

Green, C.L., Englund, D.A., Das, S., Herrerias, M.M., Yousefzadeh, M.J., Grant, R.A., Clark, J., Pak, H.H., Liu, P., Bai, H., Prahlad, V., Lamming, D.W., & Chusyd, D.E. (2021). The Second Annual Symposium of the Midwest Aging Consortium: The Future of Aging Research in the Midwestern United States. The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 76(12), 2156-2161.

Albery, Gregory F., Morris, A., Morris, S., Pemberton, J.M., Clutton-Brock, T.H., Nussey, D.H., & Firth, J.A. (2021). Multiple spatial behaviours govern social network positions in a wild ungulate. Ecology Letters, 24(4), 676-686.
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Bartolomucci, A., & Sapolsky, R. M. (2021). Psychosocial Risk Factors, Noncommunicable Diseases, and Animal Models for COVID-19. Biological psychiatry89(12), e67–e71.

Testard, C., Larson, S. M., Watowich, M. M., Kaplinsky, C. H., Bernau, A., Faulder, M., Marshall, H. H., Lehmann, J., Ruiz-Lambides, A., Higham, J. P., Montague, M. J., Snyder-Mackler, N., Platt, M. L., & Brent, L. (2021). Rhesus macaques build new social connections after a natural disaster. Current Biology: CB31(11), 2299–2309.e7.
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Testard, C., Tremblay, S., & Platt, M. (2021). From the field to the lab and back: neuroethology of primate social behavior. Current Opinion in Neurobiology68, 76–83.

Snyder-Mackler, N., Burger, J. R., Gaydosh, L., Belsky, D. W., Noppert, G. A., Campos, F. A., Bartolomucci, A., Yang, Y. C., Aiello, A. E., O’Rand, A., Harris, K. M., Shively, C. A., Alberts, S. C., & Tung, J. (2020). Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals. Science (New York, N.Y.)368(6493), eaax9553.